Jobs For School Leavers

One day we all will leave school. When that happens, life changes drastically. Suddenly, responsibilities and goals and the future become a great concern on your shoulders. You will want to find some finance as soon as you leave school. University sometimes doesn’t start as soon as school life is over. There might be a long or short time gap between school and university, which can be utilized effectively.  Tuition fees for university also go a long way. Expenses from books to exams are expensive.  There are very interesting jobs you can look in to and cover your expenses. Here are a few.


Games tester

Sounds like a dream job for most. You get paid for playing games. No qualifications required. You would have to play games before it is released. Search for bugs or mistakes in the game and notify the creators so that they can rectify them before the game reaches the public. You won’t be able to make a lot of money but an average amount of cash depending on the company.

Fire Fighter

Who doesn’t want to save lives?  Saving a life doesn’t require any qualification at all. It only needs bravery and a good attitude.  If you are over 18 years and able to make quick decisions and can overcome pressure situations you are almost ready to be a firefighter. When you apply you will have to pass a few tests. Some of them are a medical examination and eye examination. You will also be tested in fitness and strength. All fire fighters need to be strong.  Hopefully if you get through the exams you will be able to earn a decent salary.

The Teacher

Now that you are done with your schooling, it’s time to pass on your knowledge. You can help out the local school by taking a few classes or even doing your private tuition at home. You don’t need a qualification if you can teach well because that’s all it needs. If you are good with little kids, you can also try joining a nursery school in Dubai and teach the little happy kids nursery. When in kindergarten even the teachers need support that’s where you could come in as an assistant teacher.

Air traffic Controller

This job has more responsibility than the others. It doesn’t require qualifications but you will have to go through some training because you will be working with pilots and help them land safely. The safety of all the passengers might depend on you. That being said you will receive a very healthy salary for a responsible job like this. You will have to have completed and passed your school exams and be between the ages of 18 – 30 to qualify for the job.