Dealing with Driver Licence Suspension: What, why and How?

A suspension on your driving licence could be the worst possible nightmare for anybody. It can deprive you from driving even while you face the most serious hardship. There can be a variety of reasons behind your driving licence suspension. Let us explore what they can possibly be:


  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol (drunk driving) proven by a physical examination test can lead to suspension of your licence.
  • Failure in paying a traffic fine or a challan repeatedly can also call for suspension.
  • Indulging in Speed racing or its organisation in public areas and highways can also be a reason to your licence suspension.
  • Failure in maintaining your vehicle insurance can also cause licence suspension. This includes repeating lapses in vehicle coverage, failure in providing a proof of financial recovery etc.

How to Re instate a suspended licence

This involves putting an appeal  licence suspension nsw along with paying any outstanding or incomplete fines and charges. Complete all the court procedures that are needed for licence rein station. Keep a record of documents that give an evidence of the suspension being lifted which could include a medical letter, an affidavit or any other notice of suspension.

Remember adhering to rules while you apply for your licence re-in station because another defaulter practice can lead you in a major trouble. Watch out for other transport alternatives or you can consider hiring a driver but do not drive on your own unless you get back your licence clean.If caught it could lead to serious implications.

Don’t feel disappointed instead make promise to you to become a law abiding citizen. Show your strength in putting diligent efforts towards getting your licence back and follow safe and rule abiding driving once you are permitted to do it again after your suspension gets lifted.